My Open Source Project is Garbage

May 29, 2012

In my defense, I’m more hacker than developer. I am a CodeAcademy dropout. I -steal- am inspired by other people’s source.

But recently I decided to do something different. After a couple of folks asked me to build a single page website I thought, “Why not just make a template and still charge the full amount?’ Then I took it a step further, “Why not make it open source so other (real) developers can reuse it?”

So I wrote a little one page website template called JustaPage. I wrote the HTML, CSS and jQuery for the demo and a template to download from scratch. I fleshed out documentation and wrote an informative README. I tinkered and scratched my head and showed friends for over a week. Finally, I pushed my very first open source project to GitHub for all the world to see.

Then these Piccsy people had to come along with their awesome one page site. It’s so cool! It made me feel so bad about the project I published less than 24 hours before. I’m tempted to just delete my stupid repo and cry into my keyboard.

But actually this is why I like to write code. I like to find things way better than anything I can do. When someone else writes something really slick I want to figure out how they did it. I flip through their site, then open up their source to see how it all works. I bookmark the site, or download and watch the repo.

I keep looking for new, better web because maybe the stuff I come across will spark an idea for a future client. Or maybe it’ll keep me busy in TextMate until 1am. Or maybe I’ll just… borrow it.