Pauls Pet Chatbot

chatbot for facebook messenger built with node

Talk to the Bot

Origins Treasure Hunt

webgl mini-game built with angular and threejs on rails


a complete e-commerce platform with robust storefront and store, inventory, & order management systems

Go Track Yourself

SoftBank Robotics

custom drupal developer portal and forum for pepper robot

Do the Robot


contributions to an open source native app for twitter built with electron

Tweet Tweet

Refined GitHub

an open source chrome extension that refines the user interface for github

View Source


technical product management and web development spanning the globe

Shop Around the World


a healthy dose of color and javascript served in a rails e-commerce app

Pop a Vitamin

Honey Design

pixel perfect designs in a wordpress site replete with a-list clients

Fulcrum Group

a single page brochure site with javascript and nifty images

Scroll Through


high-performance clothing sold in a shopify store with a splattering of javascript

Spend that Loot


a microapp built with meteor that lets you color in celebrities

Yo Stuff

a wordpress plugin, and a meteor package and microapp built open source for the Yo API

Install the Plugin


an open source extension for google chrome and safari

Install the Extension

Tweet From Meteor

an open source twitter application built with meteor

Fork that Code

Jen Barrie

a quickie wordpress site for a videographer